“I’m the programmer in charge of implementing audio for our next game Ittle Dew, which means that I’ve been working closely with Fredrik these past months. Fredrik is a hard working audio engineer that has shown great skill and knowledge in his field. He has also always been reliable in delivering sounds we’ve requested – on time and in high quality. I would highly recommend Fredrik Johansson for any future employment.”
– Mattias Hakulinen (Ludosity)

“I’ve worked with Fredrik in plenty of sound- and music related projects during our time at Dalarna University, most of them game audio-related. Fredrik’s dedication is one truly inspiring thing, he takes every task that is placed in front of him with great seriousness and ambition and it is no surprise that his grades always where among the best in our class. Nevertheless, he is a most trustworthy guy and a really good friend.”
– Viktor Ohlsson, student att Dalarna University